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Our Bakery

In the early 1960’s, Abe and Sarah Troyer lived on a small farm near Apple Creek, Ohio. They raised chickens and sold eggs on a retail egg route in the community. Times were hard on a small farm, so Sarah began to do some baking to supplement the farm income. She used the egg whites to make Angel Food Cakes, and the egg yolks to make noodles. These were sold on the routes that Abe ran. Sarah was an exceptional baker, so the creations from her kitchen sold well. Soon the demand for baked goods was greater than the demand for eggs! In 1966 a small red barn was built on the yard to house the budding bakery, and in 1974 the business moved into the village of Apple Creek to its present location. The whole family pitched in to make the full time bakery work, and Sarah worked tirelessly to adapt her old fashioned recipes to the need for larger batches. As the business grew, Abe developed a business structure that would help the company maintain Sarah’s dedication to quality recipes. Instead of hiring low wage employees, Abe decided to bring people from the community into the business as partners with a 100% profit sharing pay system. That way, workers aren’t just hired; they are partnered into the family!

Today, Troyer’s Home Pantry is still a family managed partnership, continuing a 40 year tradition. We are striving to provide our customers with the best in pies, rolls, cakes, cookies, breads, and more, all made from scratch with the old fashioned recipes perfected years ago.  




We are dedicated to old fashioned great taste

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